Revenue Share Program


Do you know about our Revenue Share program? 

You can get residual income for every terminal and every user you connect to Coinkite.  It’s easy to join and very simple to operate.

How It Works

Go to this page and enable the feature by reading and agreeing to our terms/conditions. Then you can make unique links that will link any visitor who uses them to your account. If that user buys terminals or upgrades to a monthly/annual membership, you will get paid for it! 

it’s very similar to the affiliate programs that are popular on the web, and with some effort, can lead to some nice passive revenue for you:

Upfront Hardware Commission
     5% of terminal price.

Terminal Revenue
     10% of all revenue generated by terminals which you sold.

Membership Fee
     10% of each new user’s first invoice (monthly/annual plans)
     plus 5% each month/year for as long as they are members

Can I lease terminals?

Yes, you can lease Coinkite terminals to your merchants. We offer
discounted pricing for bulk orders of 20 or more terminals, but
financing and recovering monthly lease costs will be your responsibility.

Can I add my tracking data onto that URL?

You can add a ?tracking=23232#funnel_data (or similar) onto the end of the link. This data will show up in the reporting tools here and can be used to fine tune your promotion programs. If you want a large number of unique URL’s, this is the best approach.

Please note that we strongly prefer you to put your tracking data after the hash (the # symbol). We cannot accept URL’s that have spaces, %XX values or other special characters. Many legitimate and well-formed URL’s of that type will get a 404 error due to our site’s unique security measures.

Check it out here!

Please go here for the most up-to-date terms and payouts.

Start Buying and Selling Bitcoin with Coinkite Terminals Today!

Coinkite Terminals have 2 modes: Retail and Exchange. In Exchange mode you have all you need to safely buy and sell coins like a mobile ATM!

Sell Coins:

  1. Scan QR to send coins
  2. Print Paper wallets and Vouchers
  3. Deposit to Coinkite Account
  4. Sell pre-loaded Coinkite Cards
  5. Prevent theft by settings limits and using cashier cards

Buy Coins:

  1. Handle the Cash, Credit and Debit yourself for low fees.
  2. Receive by QR code from any wallet
  3. Coins are securely store in our H.S.M.

Get yours today!


End-of-Life Planning and Bitcoin

Everyone gets deleted someday. Now with Coinkite you can plan what happens to your Bitcoins (and Litecoins) after you pass away. 

  1. Tell your family and/or executor that you have some funds on Coinkite and your Coinkite username.
  2. Edit your EOL Plan on this page to tell us when and to whom we should release your funds. How we should check for a death certificate, contact details for your executor, and anything else needed.

It may be a touchy subject for some, but it is very important to prepare.

Of course we will be verifying these requests very carefully, and it will likely be a slow process. We will send a number of emails to your email addresses, and require a significant waiting period. In all cases, we will require legal documentation regarding your passing, and will not be treating this like a password reset.

Please add as much information as possible and keep in mind we can’t ask followup questions!

What do people think? Should we follow suit and switch to Ƀ on Coinkite? Let us know on twitter @coinkite

Personally, I’ve never been 100% comfortable with taking over the Thai Baht symbol (฿so this is a chance to correct that.

For three-letter currency codes, on the other hand, I’m strongly committed to BTC and I don’t like all the X-prefixed choices proposed. Since Bitcoin is post-national it doesn’t make sense to me to accommodate the legacy system which is completely dependent on national identities.

— Peter Gray

Coinkite Terminal Firmware Update V0.6



New-style rate receipt above is an example with 1BTC = $100 USD and 1BTC = $100 CAD and some different spreads. The math is surprisingly complex and hard to think about.

Second example is the new rate-receipt which can be printed in “retail mode”. It’s helpful for your wait staff to calculate how much their tips are worth at today’s exchange rate.

If you own a Coinkite payment terminal, then there are some new features available to you:

  • Operators may control the spread on both buy and sell side, plus have a “retail transaction” rate.
  • Exchange rate receipt will now include retail exchange rates in some cases.
  • Date and time added to exchange rate receipt.
  • An "example" reference exchange was added which has a fixed exchange of 100 fiat units per 1BTC or 1LTC. A complete example is now shown based on that exchange rate in the terminal operators’ interface.
  • TIP amounts now shown in fiat as well as crypto. Essential for settling tips in cash.
  • Bugfix: Card holders at the terminal who tried to withdraw a “blank” amount of money saw an error, now advises them to enter an amount.
  • New terminal firmware: 0.6 released.

We are working towards a very powerful API for terminals that I think will interest all terminal owners, but for now we are taking baby steps: You can query the current exchange rates and get a JSON data object back. Enable the feature here

New terminal firmware (0.6) Available

With the newest firmware, a few small bugs and annoyances have been fixed, and it is now possible to re-print bills, verify them (without needing to scan) and also mark them for archiving from the the menu system.

New Locations Everyday!

Coinkite’s QR Reader is here!

If you’ve been using Bitcoin or Litecoin, you must have seen numerous QR codes, like this one:


They are everywhere, and now with Coinkite, you can scan them and pay the amounts they represent.

Just go to the QR scanner page at Coinkite (no login required) and you have a few options:

  1. Grant permission for the web page to see your webcam and you can scan from a paper document. There is a live preview window that you can use to make sure the entire QR is visible to the camera, the lighting is good and image is sharp.
  2. Upload a QR image file. Just press the button and continue as normal for an image upload.
  3. Drag-n-drop an image file to the page.

Regardless of which method you use, as soon as a valid QR code is detected, you will be taken to Coinkite to approve the purchase.

iPhone/iPad users: This works for you too, just press the “Use Photo” button and take a new photo to be sent. It doesn’t have live feedback but that’s all Apple allows us. Be patient! You’ll find a proper QR scanning app generally works better.

Now’s a great time to bookmark this scanner page on your mobile device! It’s where you want to start whenever you are paying for something with your phone. Just go to and save the bookmark to your home screen.

PS: If you are a Mac User, we made this app to read QR codes from your screen a while back.

Bitcoin Link Protocol now supported!

You can now register as your bitcoin link handler. This means when you click on links that look like this:


… your browser will forward all the payment details into Coinkite.

Once you login to Coinkite, you still have a chance to override the amount or update the memo before continuing. You will also need to authorize the send, just like all withdrawals from Coinkite.

It’s still super handy though! You’ll be hooked the first time you use it.

Click on "Enable Bitcoin Links" in General Preferences to enable this new feature today.

Read More

"Buy your Jerky with Bitcoins!"

In what we think is an Australia first,  the brick and mortar store “Jim’s Jerky” is now taking Bitcoins payment!  Its great to see business owners like Matt having the courage to take Bitcoins.  These are the guys that will take Bitcoin into the mainstream. read more >

Funds Forwarding is Really Easy on Coinkite — Check out this animation bellow.
Just go here and set it up
1. Choose Account
2. Choose Percentage
3. Paste any Bitcoin Address
4. Add a Memo
5. Press “Add”

Bonus, you can have multiples from each account!

Funds Forwarding is Really Easy on Coinkite — Check out this animation bellow.

Just go here and set it up

1. Choose Account

2. Choose Percentage

3. Paste any Bitcoin Address

4. Add a Memo

5. Press “Add”

Bonus, you can have multiples from each account!

It’s been know that Mt. Gox had issues for a long time now. I’m glad this chapter is finally over and professional companies can take crypto-currencies forward.

We have a big commitment to transparency, users funds are segregated and allocated to their own private key. We believe that all web wallets, exchanges and websites holding your funds should provide proof of reserves — users should demand it.

Rodolfo Novak, CEO

Read more about proof of reserves and how we store your funds

Updated Audit Report: Transparency and Accountability

You already know that on Coinkite, your funds are segregated and allocated to your own private key. We believe that all web wallets, exchanges and websites holding your funds should provide proof of reserves.

The audit report backs up our commitment to be completely transparent about what we do with your deposits. 

No one loves to audit more than we do!

We overhauled it with better CSV (ie. correct quoting) and more useful columns, including: date, time and running totals for each crypto-currency.

We now also offer a shorter report that includes only unspent coins (UTXO). It is a proper subset of the full report but is faster to generate, and excludes spent coins, which are only of historical interest anyway.

Check it out here

  1. Do you use the audit report?
  2. What would you like to see in it?
  3. Any simple changes that would make your life easier when importing into your spreadsheets?

Don’t have an account yet? Get one here.