Firmware update for powerful new feature: "The Address Explorer"

Download the v2.1.6 firmware here

Address Explorer lets you view receive addresses on the screen of the Coldcard, so you can be certain your funds are going to the right place. Here’s how to use it:

  • On the Coldcard, go to the “Advanced Menu”, and select “Address Explorer”
  • A list of different bitcoin payment addresses is shown.
  • Pick the first receive address paired desktop or mobile wallet gave you.
  • Coldcard will use that to determine the correct BIP32 derivation path and address format (segwit, legacy) for your wallet.
  • Scroll through the first 10 receive addresses shown on screen. Press (9) for another 10 and so on.
  • (optional) Insert a MicroSD card, and press (1). The first 250 addresses will be written onto the card in a simple text format (CSV = Comma Separated Values).

example CSV file

Special thanks go to @hodlwave for creating this feature.

This release also has a few minor changes for some very specific multisig situations:

  • Improve error message shown when depth of XPUB of multisig cosigner conflicts with path details provided in PSBT or USB ‘show address’ command.
  • When we don’t know derivation paths for a multisig wallet, or when all do not share a common path-prefix, don’t show anything.

Lots to see in the online manual, so check it out!

new Address Explorer feature

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