Today we have posted all the information you need to be able to build your own Coldcard from off-the-shelf parts. We are sharing this information for the benefit of security researchers who wish to analyse the Coldcard more completely.

View hardware schematic and BOM here.

The Schematic (Circuit Diagram)


This is the Mark3 rev B schematic. It’s just one page and pretty simple.

BOM - Bill of Materials


The parts used in the Coldcard are detailed in this spreadsheet file. All of them could be bought on Digikey, and where we know it, we’ve included the Digikey SKU.

Not included are these minor bits:

  • the plastic case (custom)
  • the secure bag (with barcode serial number)
  • pin-recovery card


No promises that these files will stay 100% current, because we do make quality improvements.

Copyright of these files, and all design elements of the Coldcard, remain with Coinkite Inc.

All the Coldcard firmware, remains available on Github.

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