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Download the firmware here

We are releasing a new firmware upgrade!

  • Touch sensitivity improvements: now less sensitive (by default) and a new setting can change that back to fast and sensitive, or select low sensitivity for noisy environments or personal preference.
  • Remove respin feature (press 2) when showing seed words, and add confirm step to Cancel press. This misfeature was causing grief due to accidents during the high-stress seed word process.
  • Improvement: show better what’s happening during PIN attempt forced delay.
  • Bugfix: possible lockup after entering an incorrect PIN code
  • Bugfix: ‘warm reset’ inside Debug Functions didn’t work properly.

Some Coldcard users, specially in moist environments are having touch issues. The device was a little too sensitive or got confused. Today we’re sharing a new release that provides a “sensitivity” setting for touch and by default is a little less sensitive. Also, when you are logging in (PIN entry) you can press Cancel twice and it will switch to least-sensitive mode.

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