You might have noticed that the Opendime store is out-of-stock.

Good news. We have been working hard on improvements for the new version, and the first batch of the new version will be shipping to Canada this week. We will be testing, packaging and dispatching back-orders ASAP, in the order they were originally received, up to Aug 16th.

The bad news is that batch has already sold out, just from the back-orders!

So, we are literally making them as fast as we can, but it’s not fast enough!

The next build will be started this week and we hope to get back to “normal” stock levels sometime in September, so get your order in—they are flying off the shelves!

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What is this “Opendime” I keep hearing about?

Bitcoin is taking off: now even available from space via satellite!

We think it’s great the community is thinking of a world with Bitcoin and less or no Internet access. Satellites can be part of that, and so can Opendime.

Opendime is a small USB stick that allows you to spend Bitcoin like a dollar bill or a bar of gold. “Transactions” are just handing it to another person. But you trust no-one, so you need to verify the balance: just connect to any block explorer, or maybe even your downlink station!

It’s exactly like a Bitcoin “bearer bond”. In sci-fi books and movies, they call it a “Bitcoin Stick”.

What’s new in V3?

This change is a hardware bump, with minor firmware changes:

  • Improve the Japanese language text (thanks to Vis Virial for the pull request)
  • New batch certificate (#2) for first build of version 3.0 hardware.
  • Look for version “2.2.0” in the firware with checksum: 753ec10262f92c6bbe4f9a01e440278c36c2c8352ed897a75aabb0993d63ab9a and complete version string:

The real news is on the hardware side, where we made a number of changes to improve reliability and manufacturability:

  • The device is now 47mm long, up from 40mm. The extra length solves an issue we saw with some USB ports that didn’t allow proper and complete insertion.

  • Protective plastic is now applied into a narrowed section of the board, which better secures it, makes the product look more “finished”, and generally should improve the quality and appearance of the product.

  • We moved the “unseal” hole a little further under the plastic, just in case.

  • The edge of the board will be more smooth with less rough spots due to changes to how we make the PCB.

  • Board is marked in gold with “v3.0” and “r.A” (for revision A).


Everyone waiting on back-orders will get the new version. All future orders will be the new version. Long live the new revision!

Opendime and Forking and Scaling

Opendime is based on controlling your private keys. When a new coin forks from the Bitcoin blockchain, your funds inside Opendime’s are also forked. To claim them on the new fork, you can import the private key of the Opendime into the wallet for the new chain. Just unseal the Opendime normally, and import they key twice: once into a Bitcoin wallet, and again into a wallet for the newly-born chain.

Some success stories in this thread.

You can also leave your Opendime-stored coins for later. Any chain that forks off after you deposit into a specific Opendime, will be available later when it’s unsealed. There is no rush—well, except to Sell, Sell, Sell!!1!

As for “scaling bitcoin”, Jameson Loop said it best… Unlimited private off-chain scalability in the palm of your hand: @OPENDIME

Easier then ever to verify and use

When you receive an Opendime with a balance, you may want to verify that it’s an authentic Opendime (not just something that looks like one). Thanks to the wonderful Bitcoin open-source community, we have a few options for doing that:

  • Chrome App, great for desktop

  • Opendime carries the code needed in Python as well, so you don’t actually need to download or install anything. Just run cd /Volumes/OPENDIME/advanced; python and you’ll see something like this:

Opendime USB at: /Volumes/OPENDIME

 Wallet address: 1PCejtxqj92B5bn3nqP6dp1jjybS3iGD6a

Opendime Version: 2.2.0

      time: 20170721.115213
       git: v3@d0c4b54
    serial: SPX6ESSUJVGVCIBAEBDTMDAK74+0855ccbebab2

Additional low-level checks:
  - correct virtual disk geometry
  - read-back over USB EP0 correct
  - good bitcoin message signing #1: fba39eeffa0d
  - good bitcoin message signing #5: c3b06f6905b7
  - genuine per-unit factory certificate verified
  - good anti-counterfeiting test #1: 3b766a52a6f7
  - good anti-counterfeiting test #5: 683a246f2122

Looks good!


Learn more about how Opendime verification and security features work in our white papers.

What’s next

We’re working on some variations on the Opendime hardware. They will be the same concept, but different packaging… but that’s all we can say today.

Bulk orders

Thanks you for all the bulk orders!

If you are interested in reselling, reach out here for orders over 99 units.