Major Performance Boosts!

  • Massive Enhancement: Optimized and improved drawing speed on screen, and responsiveness of keypad presses. You’ll see some slight changes to login screen (centered now) and massive drawing performance improvements system-wide. Laggy and unresponsive keypad is no more!
  • New feature: New setting, “Delete PSBTs”, will blank and securely erase input PSBT files when they are no longer needed. Also renames signed transaction to be (txid).txn (in hex)
  • Enhancement: The current XFP (xpub fingerprint) is shown on the “Ready To Sign” screen, if you have entered an BIP39 Passphrase.
  • Enhancement: File names from SD Card are now shown in sorted order.
  • Enhancement: Can show the SHA256(file contents) for any file on SD Card. Use Advanced > MicroSD > List Files and pick your file. Thanks to B.O. for this idea.
  • Enhancement: Enable full BIP-85 support on older Mk2 hardware (derived entropy feature).
  • Enhancement: Minor text changes based on feedback from customers.
  • Enhancement: Two assertions promoted to text error messags related to bad PSBT files.

This release has some consmetic changes to the login screen, don’t be concerned.

login sequence

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