• Support “importdescriptors” command in Bitcoin Core 0.21 so that a descriptor-based wallet is created. PSBT files are then supported natively by Core, and the resulting desktop wallet can be used for spending (ie. create PSBT via GUI) and also watching. Translation: Easy air-gap PSBT operation with Bitcoin Core!

  • Remove “m/0/0” derivations from public.txt and address explorer, since that path is obsolete and not used by any major wallets now. We can still sign PSBT files with that path, but it’s an unnecessary risk to show derived addresses for a type of wallet that doesn’t exist anymore.

  • If PSBT input sections don’t contain the key path information we need, show a more specific error message.

Bug Fixes

  • Any PSBT which provided the wrong pubkey (based on UTXO being spent) was not flagged as invalid, but instead we proceeded to do nothing. Now says “pubkey vs. address wrong”.
  • If asked to serialize a partially-signed transaction, we did. Now fails properly.
  • If multiple copies of the same BIP-39 passphrase were saved to a card, the menu would not display correctly and you might not be able to select your saved value.

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