new settings

Download the firmware here

Today we are releasing a new firmware upgrade, with some new settings and minor bug fixes:

  • Allow setting the max network fee to a number of possible levels, or disable it (was previously fixed to 10%). Thanks to @crwatkins for this suggestion.

  • Touch improvements: two new setting, which are between the old ‘Least Sensitive’ and ‘Most Sensitive’ settings. New menu text.

new settings

  • Touch sensitivity preference is applied before login, so PIN entry is easier.

  • Although we do not use the bech32_decode() function recently found to have an buffer overflow bug, we’ve included the fix into our fork of the affected library. This change, and the original bug, does not affect the Coldcard firmware in any way.

  • Correctly include witness data in transactions when signing based on witness UTXO data (thanks to @SomberNight)

  • Bugfix: Fix divide-by-zero if transaction sends zero amount out (only possible if network fee equals 100% of inputs).

All these new settings are documented in the online manual, so check it out!

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