Hello, welcome to episode 38 of The Bitcoin Game. I’m Rob Mitchell.It’s always great interviewing a knowledgeable person who’s not afraid to give an opinion, and Rodolfo Novak is that sort of guest. In this interview, we discuss CoinKite’s early days, which started with a Blockchain explorer, custom Bitcoin payment terminals, a widely-used wallet hosting service, and a backend that utilizes hardware security modules of CoinKite’s own design. And now, with OpenDime, they’ve moved on to a fascinating new type of Bitcoin hardware that’s best use cases are still to be determined.

Rodolfo was also happy to give his opinions on the $70 million Bitfinex theft, the Ethereum fork, the scaling debate, and more. Note that Coinkite’s co-founder and CTO is Peter D. Gray (and Peter Todd serves as an advisor to Coinkite).