Coinkite Bitcoin Payment Terminal Quick Preview

  • Allows transactions in Bitcoin (or Litecoin) without a computer, tablet, phone, or other hardware.
  • Connects through GSM (cellphone) or Wi-Fi, which are available worldwide! Included SIM card works worldwide out of the box, so it can work anywhere.
  • High-quality QR code reader can scan Bitcoin address codes directly from mobile phone screens and paper.
  • Use Coinkite smart-chip-based debit cards.
  • Integrated receipt printer prints QR codes and easily readable receipts.
  • Accepts and issues Coinkite’s debit cards. Sell preloaded Coinkite Cards.
  • Accepts payments from any Bitcoin user regardless of wallet host (including Bitcoin-QT, Coinbase, Bitstamp, BIPS, and others).
  • Allows buying and selling your Bitcoins/Litecoin at retail prices.
  • Print exchange rates at any time, onto a receipt.
  • Adjustable exchange rate for conversion to, or sales in, your local fiat currency. Markup/discount relative to reference exchange rates are configurable.
  • Print invoices to request payment.
  • Simplified restaurant/bar mode, allows easy, secure, operation by servers.
  • … and a lot more!

More information about the terminal here

Want to buy one? We are pre-ordering here

Some screen shots of the terminal listing and admin page:

Coinkite POS terminal listing

Coinkite POS terminal listing editor

What is Coinkite?

Put simply; the best wallet out there. We empower customers and merchants to transact in Bitcoins and other crypto currencies, in both the online and physical worlds — just as you would with online banking and debit cards.

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